Ricardo Blanco-Vega

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One of the main drawbacks of many machine learning techniques, such as neural networks or ensemble methods, is the incomprehensibility of the model produced. One possible solution to this problem is to consider the learned model as an oracle and generate a new model that “mimics” the semantics of the oracle by expressing it in the form of rules. In this(More)
Machine learning can be applied to solve the knowledge acquisition bottleneck in many areas where an expert makes predictions to single cases, such as diagnosis, estimation, etc. The idea is to query the expert with as many cases as possible and get their answers. With this data we train a machine learning model which mimics the expert's behaviour. This is(More)
ROC analysis: The traditional solution to the problem of contextualising a classifier to a new cost In order to perform ROC analysis (as well as ROCML'2006 2 In order to perform ROC analysis (as well as other techniques), we need a training or validation dataset In some situations, however, we don't have any training or validation data analysis available.
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