Ricardo Bittencourt

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In order to determine the implications of including planted populations in conservation planning, we investigate the structure and genetic diversity, mating system, and effective population size within families in three planted and one natural Araucaria angustifolia populations. The study area is a Brazilian National Forest in southern Brazil, established(More)
Extensive realized pollen and seed flow across populations reduces inbreeding and spatial genetic structure (SGS) and increases the genetic diversity and effective size within populations. Inbreeding, SGS and realized patterns of pollen and seed dispersal of the dioecious, wind pollinated Araucaria angustifolia were investigated based on microsatellite(More)
Only recently, advanced direct volume visualization techniques have been widely used due to the availability of low cost hardware accelerators; such techniques have a great potential of use for many applications of the virtual reality in medicine. We proposed and implemented a low cost system for interactive and stereoscopic 3D visualization of the full(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES With the surgical and anesthetic technology advance the indications for intervention are expanding, as well as the need for blood transfusions. Because of its great scientific value, the content to be exposed is subject for endless discussions that provide different guidelines in various clinical and laboratory aspects. The(More)
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