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Effects of Digital Tourniquet Ischemia: A Single Center Study
BACKGROUND There is little information regarding the detrimental effects of tourniquet ischemia, although it is a widely used technique in extremity surgery. We endeavored to study some of theExpand
Influence of depression in a sample of people with hallux valgus.
Hallux valgus (HV) is a highly-prevalent forefoot deformity associated with progressive subluxation and osteoarthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint; it is believed to be associated withExpand
Efficacy of Preoperative and Intraoperative Skin and Nail Surgical Preparation of the Foot in Reducing Bacterial Load
BACKGROUND A common problem associated with toenail removal surgery is the accompanying bacterial infection that often ensues. The foot has a particularly difficult anatomy to prepare antisepticallyExpand
Enhanced Removal of Phenol with Saline Solution Over Alcohol: An In Vitro Study
Background Phenol cauterization is a chemical equivalent often chosen for treatment of ingrown toenails. Many reports describe intraoperative irrigation, or lavage, of the wound with various types ofExpand
The reliability, validity, and sensitivity of the Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) in older adults with foot disorders
The Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) is an index employed to measure alterations related to frailty. The main objective in this research was to develop the EFS short-form (EFS-SF) and to evaluate itsExpand
Safety of Phenol Vapor Inhalation during Performance of Chemical Matrixectomy to Treat Ingrown Toenails
BACKGROUND Phenol is commonly used in chemical matrixectomies to treat ingrown toenails. Although many studies have documented the safety of phenol matrixectomy for the patient, few studies haveExpand
Alcohol Plus Chlorhexidine is More Efficient Than Alcohol Alone for Phenol‐Based Chemical Matricectomy: An In Vitro Study
Background A phenolization approach is often chosen for treatment of ingrown toenails. Many reports describe lavage of the wound with alcohol to neutralize any residual phenol. The aim of our studyExpand
Gift-Giving in the Podiatric Medical Student-Patient Relationship.
We sought to explore the relationship between the podiatric medical student and the patient as it relates to the act of gift-giving as a sign of gratefulness for the services provided. This articleExpand