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CONTENTS We develop a method to compute the Hermite-Humbert con-1. Introduction stants 7 K n of a real quadratic number field K, the analogue of the 2. Bounds for Minimal Vectors of Humbert Forms classical Hermite constant 7 n when Q is replaced by a quadratic 3. Examples extension. In the case n = 2, the problem is equivalent to the de-References(More)
This paper is intended to give a survey in the algebraic theory of quadratic forms over fields of characteristic two. The relationship between differential forms and quadratics and bilinear forms over such fields discovered by Kato is used to reduced some problems on quadratics forms to concrete questions about differential forms, which in general are(More)
Let F be a field with 2 = 0, W (F) the Witt ring of symmetric bilinear forms over F and Wq(F) the W (F)-module of quadratic forms over F. Let IF ⊂ W (F) be the maximal ideal. We compute explicitly in I m F and I m Wq(F) the annihilators of n-fold bilinear and quadratic Pfister forms, thereby answering positively, in the case 2 = 0, certain conjectures(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency and severity of injuries that affect amateur runners. METHODS This study was conducted by means of a questionnaire applied to 204 amateur runners. Individuals who were under the age of 18 years and those who were unpracticed runners were excluded. The data gathered comprised the number, type, site and degree of(More)
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