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This article describes a study conducted by the authors to evaluate the accessibility and readability of the contents of the Web sites of seven universities in Finland. The accessibility assessment has been carried out to check compliance with accessibility guidelines for Web content established by the World Wide Web Consortium recommendation in WCAG 2.0.(More)
The huge amount of data daily produced through social networks, such as Twitter, has been motivating several researchers and companies to design approaches to model and study users' behavior/feelings. Most of the current studies have been focusing on building tweet datasets which are later analyzed using offline tools. This paper introduces a new approach(More)
PURPOSE The University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Medical Sciences Campus (MSC) post-doctoral Master of Science in Clinical and Translational Research (MSc) program aims to train Hispanic post-doctoral candidates to advance their careers and become successful clinical and translational researchers geared to help eliminate health disparities. Its curriculum(More)
— The Brazilian legislation does not protect completely the privacy of the Web user. The issues of user privacy at the Internet access are considered to introduce an architecture to guarantee information security. This architecture provides tools to warrant that the privacy policies have juridical legitimacy. This judicial quality is reached by the(More)
The study and modeling of systems have called the attention of several researchers, who are interested in estimating rules to describe data behavior. However, before proceeding with this estimation, it is necessary to understand the intrinsic features embedded in data. When such features are not correctly analyzed, the model accuracy tends to decrease. A(More)