Ricardo Andrés Guzmán

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This article reports the results of a formative evaluation of the first 4 years of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (URC), a community-based participatory research partnership that was founded in 1995 with core funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Several organizations are members of this partnership,(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to determine the effects of a community-based, culturally tailored diabetes lifestyle intervention on risk factors for diabetes complications among African Americans and Latinos with type 2 diabetes. METHODS One hundred fifty-one African American and Latino adults with diabetes were recruited from 3 health care systems in Detroit,(More)
Impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes are prevalent among Latino women of childbearing age. Physical activity during and after pregnancy may contribute to weight control and improved metabolic status, but recommended activities may not be perceived as appropriate or feasible. To plan realistic and acceptable interventions, pregnant and postpartum Latino(More)
We model the dynamic effects of external enforcement on the exploitation of a common pool resource. Fitting our model to the results of experimental data we find that institutions influence social preferences. We solve two puzzles in the data: the increase and later erosion of cooperation when commoners vote against the imposition of a fine, and the high(More)
Qualitative interviews were conducted with 21 Latino immigrant men who participated in a culturally informed batterer intervention. The objectives of this investigation were twofold. First, to identify the treatment components that facilitated the participants' willingness to engage in a process of change aimed at terminating their abusive behaviors.(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this article was to describe the development, implementation, and process evaluation findings of a culturally tailored diabetes lifestyle intervention for African Americans and Latinos. METHODS African American and Latino adults with type 2 diabetes from 3 health care systems in Detroit, Michigan, participated in diabetes lifestyle(More)
LA VIDA--the Southwest Detroit Partnership to Prevent Intimate Violence Against Latina Women--evolved in response to community concern about the problem of intimate partner violence (IPV) and the lack of culturally competent preventive and support services for Latino women and men in southwest Detroit. Since 1997, diverse organizations have mobilized as a(More)
We explore the external validity of a common pool resource (CPR) laboratory experiment. The experimental subjects were artisanal fishers who exploit benthic resources on the coast of Chile. A first set of subjects was recruited from fishers’ unions that comanage their resources through territorial user right areas. These unions differ in their performance,(More)
In this paper an algorithm for the classification of aircrafts composing the commercial fleet currently operating in the Chilean airspace is described. This classification is based on certain acoustic descriptors obtained at a specific noise monitoring point, which are used as inputs for a Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network. As a result, determined(More)
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