Ricardo A. de M. Valentim

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Information generated by sensors that collect a patient's vital signals are continuous and unlimited data sequences. Traditionally, this information requires special equipment and programs to monitor them. These programs process and react to the continuous entry of data from different origins. Thus, the purpose of this study is to analyze the data produced(More)
This paper realizes performance measurements comparing implementations of data communication with UDP and RAW protocols over Ethernet Technology, identifying the most viable alternative to support the development of distributes real-time application, searching a protocol solution to nondeterminism of bus arbitration scheme in industrial network based on(More)
The quick progress in technology has brought new paradigms to the computing area, bringing with them many benefits to society. The paradigm of ubiquitous computing brings innovations applying computing in people's daily life without being noticed. For this, it has used the combination of several existing technologies like wireless communications and(More)
The development of middleware has emerged as an area of expanding research, focused on the integration of services available for distributed applications. In this context, many challenges have also arisen with the use of middleware, such as communication, flexibility, performance, as well as integration with the Web and the computer itself. The development(More)
Mobile computing and portable devices, for example, are changing the relationships between human and computers, and are introducing a new approach of communication based on context. According to Figueiredo (Figueiredo & Nakamura, 2003) this new approach of communication allows people to interact seamlessly with objects, computers, environments, etc. Such(More)
RFID (radio frequency identification) is an emerging technology, for automatic identification and tracking, to provide increased efficiency and decrease operating costs in industry and supply chain. However, existing international standards not include security specifications, which resulted in appearance of security threats. Many efforts have been done in(More)
Due to the need for management, control, and monitoring of information in an effient way. The hospital automation has been the object of a number of studies owing to constantly evolving technologies. However, many hospital processes are still manual in private and public hospitals. Thus, the aim of this study is to model and simulate of medical care(More)
The popularization of the Web and the advent of new information and communication technologies of mobile devices make possible new aspects for management, interaction and information sharing. In petroliferous area, monitoring systems on mobile devices have been used for process optimization, data monitoring, reporting, alarm generation and identification of(More)
The Educational Data Mining allows to identify and cluster students by certain characteristics that are specified through the needs and problems raised by the teachers and course coordinators. In this context, this research aims to apply data mining techniques for the identification of profiles and participation patterns of students in a course of higher(More)
The great diversity in the architecture of hardware devices allied to many communication protocols, has been hindering the implementation of systems that need to access these devices. Given these differences, it appears the need of providing the access of these devices in a transparent way. In this sense, the present work proposes a middleware, mult input(More)
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