Ricardo A. Barrera-Cámara

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Hamideh Hajiabadi proposed a new algorithm in order to learn kernel matrix which is based on distance metric learning. It is implemented and applied to several standard data sets and the results are shown. Hamideh Hajiabadian presents an ontology based data mining approach proposed to classify web documents in order to facilitate applications based on(More)
1 Universidad Autónoma del Carmen, Avenida 56 No. 4, Esq. Av. Concordia, Col. Benito Juarez, 24180 Ciudad del Carmen, CAM, Mexico 2 Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Facultad de Ciencias de la Computación, Ciudad Universitaria, 14 sur y Avenida san Claudio, Edificio 104C, Colonia San Manuel, 72570 Puebla, PUE, Mexico 3 Universidad Autónoma del(More)
Ruiz-Vanoye, Jorge A.; Díaz-Parra, Ocotlán; Canepa Saénz, Ana; Barrera-Cámara, Ricardo A.; Fuentes-Penna, Alejandro; Bernabe-Loranca, Beatriz Strategic Planning for the Computer Security: A Practice Case of an Electrical Research Institute International Journal of Combinatorial Optimization Problems and Informatics, vol. 5, núm. 2, mayoagosto, 2014, pp.(More)
The small and medium-sized enterprises are the main nucleus, which moves the economies of countries such as Mexico. Many of them have emerged by need lack of sources of employment, attending to the needs in an empirical manner; identifying here an area of opportunity for IT professionals. We can provide the tools for anyone involved with SMES, to improve(More)
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