Ricarda Niendorf

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The main pathogenic feature of preeclampsia is maternal endothelial dysfunction that results from impaired angiogenesis and reduced endothelial repair capacity. In addition, preeclampsia risk is associated with vitamin D deficiency. We hypothesized that vitamin D(3) stimulates proangiogenic properties of endothelial colony-forming cells (ECFCs). ECFCs were(More)
To characterize modes of action of substances and their cytotoxic effects Bionas GmbH has developed a new screening system to allow the continuous recording of how an active substance can act (Bionas 2500 analyzing system). In the pharmaceutical industry it is important to acquire as much information as possible about the metabolic effects of an active(More)
Prediction of liver toxicity and compound responses continues to be a major challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. In vitro studies on liver cells have been developed to reduce or replace animal experiments. However, most of the tests in use are based on cell lines which do not necessarily represent normal cell physiology. We compared the response of(More)
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