Ricard Gavaldà

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Advanced analysis of data streams is quickly becoming a key area of data mining research as the number of applications demanding such processing increases. Online mining when such data streams evolve over time, that is when concepts drift or change completely, is becoming one of the core issues. When tackling non-stationary concepts, ensembles of(More)
An emerging problem in Data Streams is the detection of concept drift. This problem is aggravated when the drift is gradual over time. In this work we define a method for detecting concept drift, even in the case of slow gradual change. It is based on the estimated distribution of the distances between classification errors. The proposed method can be used(More)
We show that the class of all circuits is exactly learnable in randomized expected polynomial time using subset and superset queries. This is a consequence of the following result which we consider to be of independent interest: circuits are exactly learnable in randomized expected polynomial time with equivalence queries and the aid of an NP-oracle. We(More)
Scalability is a key requirement for any KDD and data mining algorithm, and one of the biggest research challenges is to develop methods that allow to use large amounts of data. One possible approach for dealing with huge amounts of data is to take a random sample and do data mining on it, since for many data mining applications approximate answers are(More)
As energy-related costs have become a major economical factor for IT infrastructures and data-centers, companies and the research community are being challenged to find better and more efficient power-aware resource management strategies. There is a growing interest in "Green" IT and there is still a big gap in this area to be covered. In order to obtain(More)
In this paper, we show how to extend the argument due to Bonet, Pitassi and Raz to show that bounded-depth Frege proofs do not have feasible interpolation, assuming that factoring of Blum integers or computing the Diffie–Hellman function is sufficiently hard. It follows as a corollary that bounded-depth Frege is not automatizable; in other words, there is(More)
The growing complexity of software systems is resulting in an increasing number of software faults. According to the literature, software faults are becoming one of the main sources of unplanned system outages, and have an important impact on company benefits and image. For this reason, a lot of techniques (such as clustering, fail-over techniques, or(More)
As long as virtualization has been introduced in data centers, it has been opening new chances for resource management. Nowadays, it is not just used as a tool for consolidating underused nodes and save power; it also allows new solutions to well-known challenges, such as heterogeneity management. Virtualization helps to encapsulate Web-based applications(More)