Riboy Cheriyan

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In this paper filter based nonisotropic fading channel model for evaluating mobile radio communication is been proposed, fading occurs due to the multipath propagation of the signal. For assessing the performance and characteristics of a wireless communication system the channel has to be modelled in laboratory settings, the channel model can be hardware or(More)
In this paper a new resource efficient envelope shaping filter for fading wireless channel estimation is being proposed. Wireless communication system can be evaluated and deployed in a faster manner if wireless channel model is developed in laboratory settings. Channel model must replicate the behavior of real time channel which has got fading effects with(More)
In this modern era, elevators have become an integral part of any commercial or public complex. It facilitates the faster movement of people and luggage between floors. The elevator control system is one of the most important aspects in electronics control module that are used in automotive application. Usually elevators are designed for a specific building(More)
In this paper a new high speed address generator for the dynamic modulation scheme supportive WiMAX deinterleaver design is proposed. The WiMAX can be both fixed and mobile, in this work the mobile WiMAX is given more importance. The mobile WiMAX uses interleaving and deinterleaving techniques in its transreceiver for eliminating the transmission errors.(More)
In this paper a novel efficient spectrum shaping filter for fading nonisotropic channel model is being proposed. Wireless communication system's evaluation is hampered due to time consuming, complex and inaccurate testing phase. The evaluation can be made proficient and dependable by creating channel environment for testing phase based on filter approach.(More)
A Coplanar Waveguide Fed ultra wide band (UWB) slotted Hexagonal patch antenna which finds application in wireless communication is presented here. It was designed to operate in the UWB range ( 3.1GHz to 10.60GHz). The antenna presented here is designed on FR4 substrate with loss tangent δ=0.0025 and dielectric constant 4.4. The dimension of the proposed(More)
High speed multiplication is one of the critical function in a range of very large scale integration (VLSI) applications. Multipliers find their importance in performing operations such as convolution, filtering and correlation in digital signal processing systems, microprocessors and graphic engines. Multiplication is an expensive and slow operation.(More)
In this paper, the design of ultra-wide-band antenna for radar application has been proposed. The antenna consists of a circular patch and a ground plane on the adjacent side of the substrate. The proposed antenna is designed using FR-4 substrate with thickness of 1.6 mm thick and relative permittivity value 4.4. The dimension of the substrate is40 mm x 45(More)
In this paper a combined responsive address generator archetypal for WiMAX and WiFi deinterleaver unit aimed for using in wireless broadband system is being proposed. Deinterleaver is used in conjunction with forward error correction unit for eliminating and correcting different transmission errors which occurs when signals are transmitted from base station(More)
Here, proposed a high performance interpolator with different type of fast adder. High speed interpolator consists of a combined filter and a bilinear interpolator. A combined filter is made by using Sharpening spatial filter and clamp filter. Combined filter is the combination of T shaped and inversed T shaped model Filters. In order to reduce the memory(More)