Ribeka Tanaka

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This paper presents a system that compositionally maps outputs of a wide-coverage Japanese CCG parser onto semantic representations and performs automated inference in higher-order logic. The system is evaluated on a textual entailment dataset. It is shown that the system solves inference problems that focus on a variety of complex linguistic phenomena,(More)
This paper introduces a collection of inference problems intended for use in evaluation of semantic theories and semantic processing systems for Japanese. The problem set categorizes inference problems according to semantic phenomena that they involve, following the general policy of the FraCaS test suite. It consists of multilingual and Japanese subsets,(More)
Anaphora resolution is sensitive to dependency relations between objects. One example, which is well known in the plural anaphora literature, is the dependent interpretation of the pronoun it in the mini-discourse Every boy received a present. They each opened it. The standard account of the dependent interpretation records dependency relations using sets(More)
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