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Among Ugandan fisherfolk, HIV prevalence (with estimates ranging from 15 to 40 %) is higher than in the general population (about 7 %), potentially due to high-risk behaviors and low access to HIV testing and healthcare. We conducted semi-structured interviews on barriers to linkage to care with 10 key stakeholders and 25 fisherfolk within 1–2 months of(More)
We compared two community-based HIV testing models among fisherfolk in Lake Victoria, Uganda. From May to July 2015, 1364 fisherfolk residents of one island were offered (and 822 received) home-based testing, and 344 fisherfolk on another island were offered testing during eight community mobilization events (outreach event-based testing). Of 207 home-based(More)
This study aims to describe patients' and families' perspectives regarding the ideal role and responsibilities of a health coach to facilitate pediatric weight management in the primary care setting. Systematic thematic analysis of semistructured interviews with overweight children and their parents was performed. The majority of participants(More)
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