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A great deal of effort is expended creating multimedia systems to help students learn. Some amount of effort is spent evaluating learning outcomes for students who have used these systems. Yet very little effort is spent examining how students actually use the software or how learning outcomes are related to system design. In a study involving direct(More)
Language holiday camps for children or adolescents who are learners of a second or additional language are a worldwide phenomenon. They are particularly popular in the USA, Canada and Britain for languages such as French, German and Spanish. Youth camps (also called summer camps) during the European school holidays to learn English or other languages have(More)
This chapter provides a case study of professional development for a cohort of Asian languages teachers in Australia who undertook training with new technologies during 2011. While the use of emerging technologies requires a learning curve in terms of technical skill, the pedagogical understanding and affordance of those teaching and learning platforms have(More)
This paper reports on Information Technology (IT) secondary school educators in Victoria and their involvement in an online community of practice. It examined the social effects of the online mailing list technology on their participation and factors that influenced their collaboration with other colleagues. In mapping these elements, the motivations of(More)
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