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The effect of limiting the available oxygen on the fatty acid profile of Apiotrichum curvatum ATCC 20509 during growth on sulphuric acid casein whey was studied. At oxygen uptake rates (OUR) lower than 7 mmol O2/l per hour, applied during the oil accumulating phase of the fermentation, a decrease in total unsaturated fatty acids was observed. It was(More)
Production of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) by the filamentous fungusMucor hiemalis IRL 51 was studied in both shake flask culture and in a 10-L stirred tank fermenter. This study was conducted to assess how the results from shake flask media screening trials compared to those obtained in a 10-L stirred tank fermenter, which is assumed to be more(More)
The aims of the EVINCE research project included examination of the impact of information on the clinical knowledge and practice of nurses, midwives and health visitors. EVINCE (Establishing the Value of Information to Nursing Continuing Education) was funded by the British Library R&D Department for 1 year, from 1 November 1995 to 31 October 1996. The(More)
  • Yusuf M. Al-Hiaria, Stephen J. Bennetta, +10 authors Roger D. Waigh
  • 2005
There are more than 400-reported bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids, many with interesting biological activity, but the reported syntheses are long and low yielding. As a result, there have been no systematic attempts at exploitation of the potential therapeutic applications. The concept of a sulfur 'stitch', restricting the conformational freedom of(More)
Under conditions where it is single-stranded (pH 7.0, 0.05 M Na+), poly(inosinic acid) complexes guanosine and 2'-deoxyguanosine in a strongly cooperative process that ultimately results in gel formation. The binding isotherm for formation of the poly(I).deoxyguanosine complex at 3.5 degrees C shows that it contains approximately one molecule of(More)
One of the aims of the EVINCE study (Establishing the Value of Information to Nursing Continuing Education) was to assess the impact of information obtained from information and library services about nursing knowledge, competencies, and practice. Survey methods included a critical incident type survey of the patterns of information need and use among a(More)