Ria Cornelissen

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Autotransplantation of immature teeth can have a success rate of almost 98% if the tooth is atraumatically transplanted from the donor site to a suitable acceptor site and the extraoral time is kept to a minimum. When the tooth cannot be transplanted immediately, cryopreservation and storage in a tooth bank offer new possibilities for autotransplantation.(More)
Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) closely resemble mouse epiblast stem cells exhibiting primed pluripotency unlike mouse ESCs (mESCs), which acquire a naïve pluripotent state. Efforts have been made to trigger naïve pluripotency in hESCs for subsequent unbiased lineage-specific differentiation, a common conundrum faced by primed pluripotent hESCs due to(More)
Female-to-male transgender people (trans men) are faced with the risk of losing their reproductive potential owing to gender-affirming hormone treatment and genital reconstructive surgery. This observational, prospective cohort study investigates the effect of prolonged androgen therapy on their ovarian histology and fertility preservation perspectives.(More)
In the frame of the Flemish Community funded project Bioflex we developed and fabricated an implant for short term (< 7 days) bladder pressure monitoring, and diagnosis of incontinence. This implant is soft and flexible to prevent damaging the bladder's inner wall. It contains a standard flexible electronic circuit connected to a battery, which are embedded(More)
Interest is growing in the use of hydrogels as bone tissue-engineering (TE) scaffolds due to advantages such as injectability and ease of incorporation of active substances such as enzymes. Hydrogels consisting of gellan gum (GG), an inexpensive calcium-crosslinkable polysaccharide, have been applied in cartilage TE. To improve GG suitability as a material(More)
The difference in colour intensity between flowers of sporogenic revertants of the white flowering lines W17 and W28 is caused by an incompletely dominant gene Inl. This gene is not linked to the anthocyanin gene Anl. In the dominant state Inl causes a 50% decrease in colour intensity of selfcoloured red flowers. Chromatographic analysis of anthocyanins of(More)
Despite its prognostic value in in vitro fertilization, early embryo morphology is not reported on in the derivation of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines. Standard hESC derivation does rely on blastocyst development and its efficiency is highly correlated to inner cell mass (ICM) quality. Poor-quality embryos (PQEs) donated for hESC derivation may have(More)
OBJECTIVES Cryopreserved blood vessels are being increasingly employed in vascular reconstruction procedures but freezing/thawing is associated with significant cell death that may lead to graft failure. Vascular cells express connexin proteins that form gap junction channels and hemichannels. Gap junction channels directly connect the cytoplasm of adjacent(More)
The use of human embryonic stem cells (hESC) in both research and therapeutic applications requires relatively large homogeneous populations of differentiated cells. The differentiation of three hESC lines into highly homogeneous populations of osteoprogenitor-like (hESC-OPL) cells is reported here. These cells could be expanded in a defined culture system(More)
The survival rate of replanted and autotransplanted teeth is mainly affected by the reaction of the pulp. Pulpal necrosis can cause periapical inflammation and inflammatory root resorption. The purpose of this study is to learn more about the pulpal changes in autotransplanted immature teeth whose pulp tissue was removed before transplantation. The(More)