Ri-sheng Feng

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OBJECTIVE To examine the effect of recombinant human transforming growth factor-beta 1 (rhTGF-beta 1) alone or recombinant human interleukin 6 (rhIL-6) alone or in combination on proliferation inhibition of the human leukaemia cell line. METHODS In the present study, using the human monoblastic cell line (U937) and human promyelocytic cell line (HL60) as(More)
BACKGROUND Everolimus, a derivative of sirolimus, is a potent immunosuppressant that has important anti-proliferative properties. In the present study, we demonstrated the inhibiting neointimal hyperplasia in injured carotid arteries in rats by using two different doses of everolimus administrated via the oral route for a long time. METHODS A rat model of(More)
By using fresh leukemia cells from 5 cases of acute monocytic leukemia M5 as in vitro model, we investigated the effects of recombinant human transforming growth factor beta 1 (rhTGF-beta 1) on differentiation induction of fresh leukemia cells. The results indicated that after 6 days of induction with TGF-beta 1 in a concentration of 10 ng/ml, leukemia(More)
This paper presents the design principles and fabrication techniques for simultaneously forming non-coplanar resonant beams and crab-leg supporting beams of dual-axis bulk micromachined resonant accelerometers by masked-maskless combined anisotropic etching. Four resonant beams are located at the surface of a silicon substrate, whereas the gravity centre of(More)
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