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STUDY DESIGN Retrospective report of five surgical cases and review of the literature. OBJECTIVES To report the clinical application of a novel internal fixation device in the treatment of irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation with ventral spinal cord compression. SUMMARY AND BACKGROUND DATA Irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation with ventral spinal cord(More)
OBJECTIVE To design a clinically applicable transoralpharyngeal atlantoaxial reduction plate (TARP), introduce the operation procedure, and evaluate its preliminary clinical effects. METHODS A novel TARP system, including butterfly titanium alloy plate, self-locking screws, atlantoaxial reductor and other operational instruments was developed. This system(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the synthetic typing and the treatment strategy for atlantoaxial dislocation. METHODS The synthetic typing of atlantoaxial dislocation was worked out on the base of pathogenesis typing, Fielding imaging typing, and clinical typing, named PIR typing system (Pathogenesis, Imaging, and Reduction). Ninety-three patients with atlantoaxial(More)
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