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Between consumption and investment: A new approach to the study of the motivation to gamble Bartlomiej Dzik Comments on "Between consumption and investment. DSpace @ the University of Calgary: A digital library of gambling-related publications Rhys Stevens Reducing the moral jeopardy associated with receiving funds from the proceeds of gambling Peter Adams(More)
Effective behavioral interventions for decreasing dementia‐related challenging behavior in nursing homes. Quality of life for people with dementia living in residential and nursing home care: The impact of performance on activities of daily living, behavioral and psychological symptoms, language skills, and psychotropic drugs.
service profile A multilingual gambling information Web site (Niagara region, Canada) first person Arnie Wexler's story: I am a recovering compulsive gambler who letters archive links subscribe submissions A year ago we posted a readership survey and wrote "We want to publish an e-journal that examines the gambling issues that are of interest to you, our(More)
48 adolescents placed into a short-term diagnostic group home with a behavior modification program in place were studied. Each subject was administered the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children--III and the Screener version of the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test. Assessment data were used to predict the subjects' conduct within the behavioral(More)
Adolescents' self-reports of peer social activity were examined with regard to short-term stability and in relation to social adjustment. Two separate periods of data collection are reported; year 1 with 74 grade nine students and year 2 with 76 grade nine students. On both occasions, four administrations of a self-report questionnaire were undertaken. As(More)
Investigated the efficacy of teaching students at-risk for academic failure to deal more adaptively with school-related stress. Forty-eight beginning high school students previously identified by their grade six teachers as likely to fail in grade seven were assigned randomly to one of three groups: A coping skills training group, a counselor intervention(More)
Investigated the classroom teacher's ability to identify which students are at-risk for future school failure and how students so identified differ from their most able classmates. The intelligence, academic ability, and cognitive and affective competence of 337 Grade Six students, age 11 to 13, were assessed with standard group measures. Two hundred and(More)
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