Rhys S. Francis

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This paper exhibits the first parallel sort algorithm for shared memory MIMD multiprocessors which has a theoretical and measured speedup near linear. The algorithm is based on a new asynchronous parallel merge which evenly partitions data to be merged between any number of processors. The merge of data sets @ and 63 on p processors has a time complexity of(More)
The Prism simulation system models the interaction of application, system and architectural structures for shared memory multiprocessors and distributed memory multicomputers. The simulation is achieved using two major components, a compiler and a library of processor and architecture modeling routines. The compiler processes application and system code(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine normal, mean quadriceps angles (Q angles) for college-aged men and women, and to compare Q angles measured in the supine and the standing positions. The Q angles of 269 men and 257 women were measured in both positions by use of a specially modified goniometer. The mean Q angle for men was 12.7 degrees in the(More)
Congenital tracheal bronchus is an uncommon condition that may occur together with other, sometimes clinically significant anomalies of the tracheobronchial tree. Two such patients are reported. Both presented with respiratory distress, and one was initially diagnosed as having a pulmonary cyst. Radiographic demonstration of an upper-lobe cyst, particularly(More)
In brief: Thirty-three prepubescent, pubescent, and postpubescent males participated in a nine-week resistive exercise program to test the hypothesis that pubescent males respond better to strength training than older and younger groups do. Before and after the program, the subjects' strength in elbow and knee flexion and extension was tested bilaterally on(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the comparative rate of resolution of a contusion resulting from mechanical trauma to skeletal muscle, as a function of one of four exercise regimens. DESIGN Randomized control trial. The four exercise regimens were: running with its onset immediately after injury, running with a 72 hr delay after injury, swimming with immediate(More)