Rhys O. Gardner

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Condensed tannin (leucoanthocyanins and catechins) can be demonstrated in fresh plant sections with saturated alcoholic vanillin followed by addition of concentrated HCl. Bright red vanillin-tannin condensates are formed immediately. Preparations may then be made permanent by mounting in a 1:1 mixture of Hoyer's medium and concentrated HCl. Some fading and(More)
It has been suggested that plants can change soil characteristics via their litter to favour their own species. The New Zealand kauri tree (Agathis australis) presents an interesting case for studying such a positive feedback between plant and soil because it has a huge impact upon the soil. We hypothesised that, under mature kauri trees, compared with(More)
Tree species can affect the soil they are growing on and this might influence their fitness. The New Zealand gymnosperm tree species kauri (Agathis australis (D. Don) Lindl.) which grows in mixed angiosperm–gymnosperm forests has a substantial effect upon the soil. We studied the hypotheses that: (1) low soil moisture availability below mature kauri trees(More)
Clearing techniques are outlined with reference to their action on the chemical constituents of plant tissue. The most general technique would include pretreatment with solvents, dissolution of protoplasm, dissolution of other substances, bleaching, infiltration with a dense fluid, and staining. Extensive chemical changes go on during these steps and may(More)
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