Rhys H Morgan

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Quantitative computed tomographic (CT) measurement of pulmonary nodules has not been widely applied despite favorable reports. Its usefulness has been questioned by some investigators. A series of experiments on six different scanners was undertaken to study the factors that affect the applicability of this technique. The type of reconstruction algorithm,(More)
Improved fixation and increased longevity are still important performance criteria in the development of orthopaedic prostheses. The osseointegration of a series of implant designs made of conventional cobalt-chromium alloy was investigated, the shape of each implant being the critical variable. The shape was defined by computer-aided design with a view to(More)
We report the isolation of six cell lines (designated EB cell lines) from cultures of the hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase-deficient (HGPRT-) feeder-dependent embryonal carcinoma cell line PSA4TG12 which have undergone in vitro differentiation, and of clonal derivatives of these lines. Whereas some lines possess quasi-diploid karyotypes(More)
This study supports the existence of a pluripotent liver stem cell population which has the potential to differentiate into hepatocytes and bile ductular cells. We compared the expression of hepatocyte-specific and bile ductular-specific markers in fetal and preneoplastic rat liver. L-pyruvate kinase (L-PK) and alpha glutathione S-transferase (GST) were(More)
Feeding male Wistar rats a choline-deficient diet containing 0.07% DL-ethionine (CDE diet) for up to 5 weeks results in the production of two distinct non-parenchymal cell populations, oval and duct-like cells. These cells can undergo replication and display different patterns of expression of glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) and pyruvate kinases (PKs).(More)
Doppler ultrasound is widely used in the diagnosis and monitoring of arterial disease. Current clinical measurement systems make use of continuous and pulsed ultrasound to measure blood flow velocity; however, the uncertainty associated with these measurements is great, which has serious implications for the screening of patients for treatment. Because(More)
  • R H Morgan
  • 1979
An examination has been developed to test the proficiency of physicians classifying chest radiographs with pneumoconiosis in accordance with the classification system promulgated by the International Labor Office in Geneva. The examination, prepared by Johns Hopkins University under contract with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, was(More)