Rhys H Morgan

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Following delivery, our patient presented acutely with a painful swelling in the groin. Diagnosis could only be established by exploration. Thrombosed veins of the round ligament were found on histology of the swelling. Exploration was necessary to rule out an acute inguinal hernia.
Doppler ultrasound is widely used in the diagnosis and monitoring of arterial disease. Current clinical measurement systems make use of continuous and pulsed ultrasound to measure blood flow velocity; however, the uncertainty associated with these measurements is great, which has serious implications for the screening of patients for treatment. Because(More)
A randomised, controlled study was undertaken to assess the postoperative pain and side effects experienced by patients undergoing day case diagnostic laparoscopy and laparoscopic sterilisation, and to evaluate the effectiveness in these patients of peroperative diclofenac. Patients undergoing laparoscopic sterilisation had significantly higher pain scores(More)
INTRODUCTION The global increase of chronic renal failure has resulted in a growing number of patients on haemodialysis using arteriovenous fistulas (AVFs). By virtue of their very function, AVFs at times shunt blood away from regions distally, resulting in an ischaemic steal syndrome. Distal revascularisation with interval ligation (DRIL) has been(More)
The calcium antagonist nifedipine has been studied in a group of patients with intermittent claudication. In a long-term double blind, placebo controlled trial in 27 patients there was no effect on exercise tolerance as measured by pedal ergometry and only a limited improvement in symptom score on double dose nifedipine. Common femoral artery volumetric(More)
S YDENHAM wrote " And so Hysterical Diseases are most commonly cured ... but especially a Chlorosis, or Virgin's pale colour. I order some Chalybeate Remedy to be taken . .. for it raises a Volatile Ferment in the Vapid and Languid Blood, whereby the weak Spirits are raised . . . for as often as Steel is given in the Green-sickness, the Pulses are(More)