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We present the report of the hadronic working group of the BOOST2010 workshop held at the University of Ox-ford in June 2010. The first part contains a review of the potential of hadronic decays of highly boosted particles as an aid for discovery at the LHC and a discussion of the status of tools developed to meet the challenge of reconstructing and(More)
SUMMARY A simple model for the determination of the shape of large granular piles in complicated geometries is discussed. An eikonal formulation of the problem is proposed. Two distinct cases arise. In cylindrical geometries, i.e., if both container and possible obstacles have vertical walls, the problem is equivalent to a two-dimensional traveltime problem(More)
The U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy recently adopted the MCU-2/P Chemical-Biological Mask to replace the M17 series of protective masks. Visual field plots were generated on a patient wearing each of these respirators. Although both resulted in a decrease of the visual fields, the magnitude of restrictions was far less with the MCU-2/P Chemical-Biological Mask.
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