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Heterologous gene expression can be a significant burden for cells. Here we describe an in vivo monitor that tracks changes in the capacity of Escherichia coli in real time and can be used to assay the burden imposed by synthetic constructs and their parts. We identify construct designs with reduced burden that predictably outperformed less efficient(More)
The mission of the DNASU Plasmid Repository is to accelerate research by providing high-quality, annotated plasmid samples and online plasmid resources to the research community through the curated DNASU database, website and repository (http://dnasu.asu.edu or http://dnasu.org). The collection includes plasmids from grant-funded, high-throughput cloning(More)
Numerous models have been proposed to capture the interactions between synthetic circuit and the host cell through shared resource pools [1,2,3,4,5,6]. Klumpp et al. [6] explore the relationship between growth rate and a range of cellular metrics that influence gene expression such as cellular RNA levels and protein production rates. They alter growth rates(More)
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