Rhonda Weston

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The authors develop and test a culturally sensitive, low-intensity smoking cessation intervention for low-socioeconomic African Americans. African American adult smokers were randomly assigned to receive either a multicomponent smoking cessation intervention comprising a printed guide, a video, and a telephone booster call or health education materials not(More)
The prevalence and interrelationship of high blood cholesterol levels with other cardiovascular disease risk factors were studied in a biracial suburb of New York City. Participants in community-based screenings to determine blood cholesterol levels have been predominantly white women in older age groups, highly educated and nonsmokers. To reach a more(More)
This study tested the efficacy of self-instruction intervention to reduce avoidable risks for HIV infection associated with drug use and unsafe sexual activity among African-American and Hispanic adolescents (N = 60). After completing pretests, adolescent participants in the study were randomly divided into three conditions. Participants in one condition(More)