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Adrenal androgen and gonadal hormone levels in adolescent girls with conduct disorder
There are few data on the biological correlates of female antisocial behavior. This study compared adrenal androgen and gonadal hormone levels in adolescent girls with conduct disorder (CD) to girlsExpand
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Effects of an Automated Vocabulary and Comprehension Intervention
It is well established that oral language skills in preschool, including vocabulary and comprehension, predict later reading proficiency and that substantial differences in oral language skills existExpand
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Self-Concept in Arab American Adolescents: Implications of Social Support and Experiences in the Schools
The purpose of this study was to investigate three domains (Scholastic Competence, Social Acceptance, and Global Self-Worth) of self-concept in Arab American adolescents in relation to their schoolExpand
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Ethnic Identity and Discrimination: An Exploration of the Rejection-Identification Model in Arab American Adolescents
ABSTRACT Research examining the rejection-identification model of ethnic identity in Arab American adolescents is scarce. This exploratory study investigates various factors in relation to a sampleExpand
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Intricacies of School Relationships and the Well-Being of Arab American Youth: Implications for School Psychologists
The purpose of this study was to explore the symbolic interaction theory in a sample of Arab American adolescents. Four areas of self-concept were investigated in relation to school environment,Expand
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Discrimination and Developmental Processes: Bridging the Research Gap with Adolescents of Arab Descent in America
Arab Americans are one of the largest growing bicultural groups in the United States. Arabs in America have historically faced discrimination, prejudice, and stereotyping, especially after the 9/11Expand
Finding identity without discrimination: the plight of Arab American adolescents
This study investigated the relationship between self-reported discrimination and ethnic identity among 61 Arab American adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18 years. Participants completed theExpand
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The Perils of Arab American Adolescents Post 9/11.
Purpose This paper aims to describe patterns of experiences and perceptions of inclusion and accuracy of Arab American culture in the multicultural paradigm in schools through the voices ofExpand