Rhonda Sturgill

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Autonomic dysreflexia (AD) is a clinical phenomenon that affects patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) above the major sympathetic outflow tract. The lesion is most often at or above the T-6 level. Any noxious stimuli below this level initiate reflex sympathetic activity resulting in life threatening hypertension uncontrollable by the feedback(More)
The RB tumor suppressor protein is a cell cycle regulator, where hypophosphorylated RB is associated with G1/0 arrest and its cyclin-dependent phosphorylation in G1 allows progression from G1 to S. The present report shows that in human leukemia cells induced to undergo growth arrest with sodium butyrate or DMSO, hypophosphorylation of the RB protein is not(More)
Increasing the expression of c-FMS (colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor) by introduction of a transgene reduced the concentration of retinoic acid or 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 needed to cause myeloid or monocytic cell differentiation and hypophosphorylation of the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor protein (RB) typically associated with cell cycle G0 arrest(More)
The effect of the CSF-1 receptor, cFMS, on the phosphorylation of the retinoblastoma (RB) tumor suppressor protein and on the cell cycle and cell differentiation was analyzed in a cultured promyelocytic leukemia cell capable of induced myelomonocytic differentiation. A series of cFMS-transfected HL-60 sublines with progressively higher cell surface FMS(More)
Retinoic acid is known to cause the myeloid differentiation and G1/0 cell cycle arrest of HL-60 cells in a process that requires mitogen-activated protein/extracellular signal regulated kinase (MEK)-dependent extracellular signal regulated kinase (ERK)2 activation. It has also been shown that ectopic expression of cFMS, a platelet-derived growth factor(More)
NB4, a human acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line expressing the promyelocyte-retinoic acid receptor alpha (PML-RAR alpha) hybrid protein was treated with RAR- and retinoid X receptor (RXR)-selective analogs to determine their effects on cell proliferation, retinoblastoma (RB) tumor-suppressor protein phosphorylation, and differentiation. An RAR- or just(More)
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