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Perceptions of the gift relationship in organ and tissue donation: Views of intensivists and donor and recipient coordinators.
  • Rhonda Shaw
  • Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 1 February 2010
The international literature on organ donation and transplantation has drawn attention to the popularity of "gift of life" discourse among pro-donation advocates, transplantation specialists, andExpand
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Performing breastfeeding: embodiment, ethics and the maternal subject
abstractMany feminist sociologists would agree that most breastfeeding research to date has been primarily undertaken from the perspective of medical and public health discourses. While there isExpand
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The virtues of cross-nursing and the 'yuk factor1
In Cindy Stearns’ groundbreaking empirical research on the problems women encounter trying to breastfeed in public places and the moral injunction to be discreet when they do so, she foregrounds anExpand
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The Gift-Exchange and Reciprocity of Women in Donor-Assisted Conception
This paper explores the rhetoric of gift-exchange as it pertains to the donation of ovarian eggs (oocytes) and participation in surrogate pregnancy arrangements. It does so by drawing on the analysisExpand
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When the treatment stops: A qualitative study of life post breast cancer treatment
Public attention focuses on breast cancer treatment and fundraising; however, there is limited discussion about life post-treatment. Once treatment is complete, there can be societal expectations ofExpand
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The ethics of the birth plan in childbirth management practices
This article is an exploration of the ways in which maternal subjectivity is negotiated and defined in the context of the act or process of giving birth. As such, it is offered as a contribution toExpand
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‘Because you can't live on love’: living kidney donors’ perspectives on compensation and payment for organ donation
  • Rhonda Shaw, L. Bell
  • Medicine
  • Health expectations : an international journal of…
  • 1 December 2015
Living kidney donation accounts for approximately half of all kidney transplantation in many countries and is central to health policy focused on increasing organ supply. However, little examinationExpand
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Cross-nursing, ethics, and giving breast milk in the contemporary context
Synopsis For many feminist scholars it is a truism that most breastfeeding research has been primarily undertaken from the perspective of medical and public health discourses. This chapter draws onExpand
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Religion and Spirituality: A Qualitative Study of Older Adults
Theories of ageing have suggested that many older adults adopt different strategies to enhance the experience of ageing. The current study was designed to explore the perceived role of religion andExpand
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Organ Donation in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Cultural Phenomenology and Moral Humility
In Aotearoa/New Zealand, organ donation and transplantation rates for Māori and non-Māori differ. This article outlines why this is so, and why some groups may be reticent about or object to organExpand
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