Rhonda McGee

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Quitting smoking often results in weight gain. The causes of the gain are not known. The present study evaluated changes in calories, total sugars, sucrose, fat, protein, and nonsugar carbohydrates as well as changes in activity levels after quitting smoking. Ninety-five subjects were randomly assigned to either early (Week 2) or late (Week 6) quit dates.(More)
The atmospheric burden of viable particulates in the interiors of condominium homes with central air conditioning was compared with that of the typically more open-type of naturally ventilated Hawaiian homes. Andersen microbial air samplers were used to enumerate the numbers and kinds of respirable fungi and bacteria inside the residences. The results were(More)
Administration of Melatonin has been reported to decrease emotionality in the rat as indexed by the defecation response. The present experiment was designed to examine whether Melatonin would attenuate the neophobic response to a novel solution. It was found that Melatonin significantly increased the rat's consumption of a novel saccharin solution(More)
PURPOSE This exploratory study examined the relationship between performance on the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test (UPSIT) and the Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE) to identify a possible association between olfaction and mild cognitive impairment(MCI). DESIGN AND METHODS 54 community-dwelling older (ages 49-91) volunteers(More)
A study of racial/ethnic-specific mean infant birth-weights reported on 1968 to 1972 live birth-weight certificates for Oahu, Hawaii is reviewed here. The 1983 to 1986 data confirm those earlier results: (a) The Hawaiian group is significantly heavier in mean birth-weights than other cohorts during the preterm period (33 to 36 weeks gestational age); (b)(More)
A study of 1098 Japanese and 873 Caucasians sixty years of age and over from Hawaii State Department of Health data files revealed that better health was predicted not only by younger age, higher family income, and maintenance of work role, but also by Japanese ethnicity. Standardized partial regression coefficients showed ethnic membership per se to be as(More)
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