Rhonda McClain

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The present study investigates the role of speech repetition in oral fluency development. Twenty-four students enrolled in English-as-a-second-language classes performed three training sessions in which they recorded three speeches, of 4, 3, and 2 min, respectively. Some students spoke about the same topic three times, whereas others spoke about three(More)
Linguistic relativity theory has received empirical support in domains such as color perception and object categorization. It is unknown, however, whether relations between words idiosyncratic to language impact non-verbal representations and conceptualizations. For instance, would one consider the concepts of horse and sea as related were it not for the(More)
Chronic administration of reserpine is associated with the development of pheochromocytomas in rats. Short-term administration of reserpine to rats has been shown to stimulate chromaffin cell proliferation, leading to the hypothesis that reserpine causes pheochromocytomas indirectly by providing a proliferative backdrop on which genetic damage may occur.(More)
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