Rhonda F Jacob

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to measure spectrophotometrically the color stability of pigmented A-2186 silicone maxillofacial elastomer with 10% by volume of titanium white dry earth opacifier before and after exposure to microwave energy over a simulated 1.5-year period of microwave sterilization. MATERIALS AND METHODS A-2186 silicone elastomer(More)
Locally advanced tongue cancer is a devastating disease for which there are limited therapeutic options that will result in a high rate of cure while preserving function. To determine the oncologic effectiveness of total or near total glossectomy with laryngeal preservation and the possibility of speech and swallowing rehabilitation following treatment, we(More)
We reviewed the cases of 20 cancer patients (mean age 47.4 years) in whom osseointegrated implants were used for dental restoration after mandibular reconstruction between January of 1988 and December of 1994. Seventy-one implants were placed into bone flaps (n = 60) or native mandible (n = 11), an average of 3.55 per patient (range, 2 to 5). Successful(More)
For patients who may have significantly impaired deglutitory and articulatory functions after glossectomy, an important aspect of the rehabilitative management in our institution is the use of palatal augmentation prostheses. The aim is to reduce the free space between the roof and floor of the oral cavity to permit stronger lingual propulsion during oral(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with head and neck neoplasms receive therapeutic neck dissections which may include the submandibular gland unilaterally or bilaterally. The clinical consequences of salivary gland resection could be reduced salivary output, altered cariogenic microflora, and increased incidence of dental caries. METHODS This investigation evaluated(More)
PURPOSE Extraoral maxillofacial prostheses have been fabricated with silicone elastomer for 50 years with few improvements. The objective of this controlled, randomized, prospective, double-blind, single-crossover, multicenter, phase III clinical trial was to determine the noninferiority of chlorinated polyethylene elastomer (CPE) to silicone elastomer for(More)
The purpose of this article is to highlight important features of research design that clinicians can use to determine which articles are useful when attempting to answer clinical questions and determine the best therapy for a particular patient. This article offers a systematic means of categorizing the quality of research reports for clinicians and(More)
The art and science of complete dentures for oral restoration has been espoused and debated for over a century. A tradition of clinical mentoring has passed this prosthodontic trust through time to create an educational cycle where the pupil ultimately became the tutor for yet another pupil. Today's clinical techniques and judgments are an amalgamation of(More)