Rhonda C. Magel

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This paper compares, by means of Monte Carlo simulations, three non-parametric tests to detect a non-decreasing trend in location parameters. The three tests are the Jonckheere-Terpstra test, the Cuzick test, and the Le test. We estimated power for each test across a wide variety of non-decreasing location parameters under four different types of(More)
SCRAS, a statistical software system, provi&s an interactive environment that supports sampling, selecting stadstical methods and interpreting results in the domain of vehicle routing algorithms. The system runs on a large-screen high-resolution Sun computer workstation. SCRAS facilitates computational testing of heuristic algorithms on suites of test(More)
This study investigates the relationship between self-reported health scores with work environment and various components of a women faculty score at a Research 1 University in the Midwest USA. The study examines the differences between male and female faculty responses in the various components making up the women faculty score and also gender differences(More)
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