Rhona Flin

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Studies of performance in medicine are often based on observation. Videotape provides a valuable tool for recording events from both real environments and simulators. When analysing observational data it is important that robust tools are used, particularly when investigating non-technical (cognitive and social) skills. This paper describes the method used(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Poor communication in critical care teams has been frequently shown as a contributing factor to adverse events. There is now a strong emphasis on identifying the communication skills that can contribute to, or protect against, preventable medical errors. This review considers communication research recently conducted in the intensive care(More)
The performance of operative surgery has an understandable focus placed on dexterity, technical precision, as well as the choice of procedure. There is less appreciation of the cognitive and social skills of the individual surgeon and the effect that these have on the surgical team and on patient outcome. This article highlights that impact and explores the(More)
INTRODUCTION There are numerous diverse papers that have addressed issues within maritime safety; to date there has been no comprehensive review of this literature to aggregate the causal factors within accidents in shipping and surmise current knowledge. METHODS This paper reviewed the literature on safety in three key areas: common themes of accidents,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was aimed at examining team communication during postoperative handover and its relationship to clinicians' self-ratings of handover quality. BACKGROUND Adverse events can often be traced back to inadequate communication during patient handover. Research and improvement efforts have mostly focused on the information transfer function(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to identify the cognitive components required for offshore drillers to develop and maintain situation awareness (SA) while controlling subsea hydrocarbon wells. BACKGROUND SA issues are often identified as contributing factors to drilling incidents, most recently in the Deepwater Horizon blowout. Yet, there is a limited(More)
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