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In UK industry, particularly in the energy sector, there has been a movement away fromìagging' measures of safety based on retrospective data, such as lost time accidents and incidents , towardsìeading' or predictive assessments of the safety climate of the organisation or worksite. A number of di€erent instruments have been developed by industrial(More)
Studies of performance in medicine are often based on observation. Videotape provides a valuable tool for recording events from both real environments and simulators. When analysing observational data it is important that robust tools are used, particularly when investigating non-technical (cognitive and social) skills. This paper describes the method used(More)
BACKGROUND Analyses of adverse events in surgery reveal that many underlying causes are behavioural, such as communication failure, rather than technical. Non-technical (i.e. cognitive and interpersonal) skills are not addressed explicitly in surgical training. However, surgeons need to demonstrate these skills, which underpin their technical excellence, to(More)
A total of 128 children from each of two age groups (6-7 years and 10-11 years) took part individually in a simulated health check procedure. This involved direct confrontation between the child and an adult stranger in which the child was touched and an article of clothing (shoes) removed. One week later children took part in a series of tests which(More)
Developments in crew resource management (CRM) have progressed from the introduction of training programs to the evaluation of CRM skills, particularly for multicrew cockpits. European regulators responsible for flight operations and flight crew licensing (Joint Aviation Authorities, 1996, 1997) are introducing requirements for the training and assessment(More)
INTRODUCTION There are numerous diverse papers that have addressed issues within maritime safety; to date there has been no comprehensive review of this literature to aggregate the causal factors within accidents in shipping and surmise current knowledge. METHODS This paper reviewed the literature on safety in three key areas: common themes of accidents,(More)
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