Rhodri Thomas

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Chromite ore processing residue (COPR), derived from the so-called high lime processing of chromite ore, contains high levels of Cr(III) and Cr(VI) and has a pH between 11 and 12. Ferrous sulfate, which is used for remediation of Cr(VI) contamination in wastewater and soils via reduction to Cr(III) and subsequent precipitation of iron(III)/chromium(III)(More)
The biodegradation of tributyl phosphate (Bu3-P, TBP), releasing phosphate at a high enough concentration locally to precipitate uranium from solution, was demonstrated by a mixed culture consisting primarily of pseudomonads. The effect of various parameters on Bu3-P biodegradation by growing cells is described. Growth at the expense of Bu3-P as the carbon(More)
Chromium concentrations of up to 91 mg l(-1) were found by ICP-OES for ground water from nine boreholes at four landfill sites in an area of S.E. Glasgow/S. Lanarkshire where high-lime chromite ore processing residue (COPR) from a local chemical works had been deposited from 1830 to 1968. Surface water concentrations of up to 6.7 mg l(-1) in a local(More)
We identified rare coding variants associated with Alzheimer's disease in a three-stage case-control study of 85,133 subjects. In stage 1, we genotyped 34,174 samples using a whole-exome microarray. In stage 2, we tested associated variants (P < 1 × 10-4) in 35,962 independent samples using de novo genotyping and imputed genotypes. In stage 3, we used an(More)
Periodontitis is common in the elderly and may become more common in Alzheimer's disease because of a reduced ability to take care of oral hygiene as the disease progresses. Elevated antibodies to periodontal bacteria are associated with an increased systemic pro-inflammatory state. Elsewhere raised serum pro-inflammatory cytokines have been associated with(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether the tumor necrosis factor α inhibitor etanercept is well tolerated and obtain preliminary data on its safety in Alzheimer disease dementia. METHODS In a double-blind study, patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer disease dementia were randomized (1:1) to subcutaneous etanercept (50 mg) once weekly or identical placebo over(More)
This paper presents preliminary results of a mobile virtual learning environment (VLE) usage study conducted at a United Kingdom (UK) distance education institution. A total of 207 undergraduate students participated in the study over a period of 6 months. Study participants were recruited through email invitation. An online survey was conducted to gather(More)
Endodontic therapy is often of concern to patients, frequently due either to the expectation, or experience of pain. Managing this pain before, throughout and after a procedure is not only beneficial to a patient but reflects upon their dentist. To achieve effective pain relief different methods of pain control, including a pharmacological plan and the use(More)