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Decision making and set shifting impairments are associated with distinct symptom dimensions in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is clinically heterogeneous. The authors examined how specific OCD symptom dimensions were related to neuropsychological functions using multiple regressionExpand
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Anatomy, physiology and neurobiology of the nociception: a focus on low back pain (part A).
INTRODUCTION The treatment of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) remains a challenge for pain medicine due to the complexity in the interactions between [1] a residual mechanical pain after surgeryExpand
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Pathophysiological characterisation of back pain generators in failed back surgery syndrome (part B).
INTRODUCTION Low back surgery, including as many type of spine procedures as the multitude of failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) etiologies, is not always the answer for patients with chronic lowExpand
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From "mechanical" to "neuropathic" back pain concept in FBSS patients. A systematic review based on factors leading to the chronification of pain (part C).
INTRODUCTION Beyond initial lesions, any form of spinal (re)operation can cause direct potential aggression to the nervous system by contact with neural tissue or by imprinting a morphological changeExpand
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Simulation training: a tool to improve junior doctors’ confidence
We read Dr Gordon’s paper[1][1] with great interest as it echoes our own work while surveying the confidence of junior doctors new to psychiatry. Like Dr Gordon, we felt there was a specific need toExpand