Rhishikesh Muley

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Staphylococcus aureus cultivated in liquid media containing untreated cornsteep liquor (CSL) and alkali-treated CSL produced similar biomass yields (6.5-6.9 g/L). However, contents of protein A in the biomass was 0.5% and 1.56% for untreated CSL and treated CSL, respectively. Addition of treated CSL at 20 g/L achieved optimal enhancement of protein A(More)
In our routine screening programme, using agar diffusion assay method, lipolytic activity was detected around a colony of a fungus. The fungus was isolated from a soil sample which was brought from a location near oil-mill. This lipolytic fungus was then identified to belong to Aspergillus flavus oryzae. A medium was then formulated and optimized which(More)
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