Rhiannon Talbot

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During an 11-year period from January 1970 to December 1980, 7,199 patients at our institution had chronic ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. Thromboembolic complications developed in 92 (1.3%) of these patients. An additional 4 patients had cutaneous vasculitis, and 17 had an arteritis-associated diagnosis. Of the thromboembolic complications, 61 were(More)
Anal endosonography has been performed in 22 patients with fistula in ano and perianal sepsis and compared with the operative findings. Using a special hard cone attachment to a radial 7 MHz probe the examination was well tolerated, rapid and generally accurate, detecting two unsuspected foreign bodies and all seven complicated fistula in ano preoperatively.
BACKGROUND Ambulance crews usually have just one opportunity to convey information about their patients to emergency department (ED) personnel. ED staff receiving patients from ambulance crews will naturally be focussed on their own initial assessment of the patient, which often distracts them from listening carefully to the ambulance crew's handover.(More)
Analyses of preoperative and one to seven day postoperative determinations of CA 19-9, carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and CA 125 levels in 873 patients indicate that postoperative CA 19-9 and CEA serum levels were within the expected technical variance of the preoperative assay values in patients who were considered to have negative findings (below the(More)
Bacteraemia and urinary tract infection are well-recognized complications of urological procedures. This paper compares, for the first time, the incidence of bacteraemia after cystoscopy and transrectal biopsy of the prostate with that following cystoscopy alone. The incidence of bacteraemia in those undergoing biopsy was 73 per cent; following cystoscopy(More)
The implications of constructing a temporary ileostomy as part of the primary surgery for some rectal cancers must not be underestimated and many patients are particularly keen to have their stoma closed as early as possible. Currently, there are no set protocols in place which determine when this should take place, meaning that stoma reversal can be(More)
Conservative proctocolectomy was performed for ulcerative colitis in 19 patients, Crohn's disease in three and familial adenomatous polyposis in one. Healing was uncomplicated in only three patients (13 per cent). Eleven developed an anal discharge and nine an infected pelvic haematoma despite peranal drainage. Fourteen patients developed pelvic sepsis and,(More)
Giant lymph node hyperplasia (Castleman's disease) occasionally presents as a solitary neck mass. A case of giant lymph node hyperplasia presenting as a lump in the neck is reported together with a review of the literature relating to the presentation of this unusual disorder in the head and neck.
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to determine the significance of indeterminate lung lesions reported from staging CT scans on patients with colorectal cancer. METHOD CT-scan reports of 439 patients were reviewed to identify patients in which indeterminate lung lesion had been reported. The tumour, node, metastasis (TNM) stage of these patients was(More)