Rhiannon M Hughes

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Gene therapy offers new opportunities for cancer treatment and prevention through the use of targeted, relatively nontoxic treatments that can identify, disable, and destroy malignant cells. This article reviews the principles behind oncogene inactivation, tumor suppressor gene replacement, inhibition of angiogenesis, immunopotentiation, molecular(More)
The HPC2/ELAC2 gene on chromosome 17p11 was identified as a candidate gene for hereditary prostate cancer (HPC) susceptibility. Two HPC2 gene missense variants, Ser217Leu (Leu217) and Ala541Thr (Thr541) have been associated with incident prostate cancer cases in some studies, but not in others. We tested for possible associations between the two HPC2 gene(More)
Amniotic band syndrome is a rare cause of fetal head deformity. We report a case in which antenatal ultrasound in the first half of pregnancy indicated the presence of a fetal cranial deformity, reported as either anencephaly or encephalocele. At assessment autopsy, disruption of the fetal skull was associated with amniotic band formation. Appropriate(More)
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