Rhian M Thomas

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Huntington's disease (HD) is an inherited progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by a pathological CAG trinucleotide repeat expansion in the large multi-exon gene, huntingtin (HTT). Although multiple pathogenic mechanisms have been proposed for HD, there is increasing interest in the RNA processing of the HTT gene. In mammals, most multi-exon genes(More)
Thymidine kinase from herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1 TK) has been postulated to be a homodimer throughout the X-ray crystallography literature. Our study shows that HSV1 TK exists as a monomer-dimer equilibrium mixture in dilute aqueous solutions. In the presence of 150 mM NaCl, the equilibrium is characterized by a dissociation constant of 2.4 microm;(More)
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