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MECP2 mutations are responsible for Rett syndrome (RTT). Approximately a quarter of classic RTT cases, however, do not have an identifiable mutation of the MECP2 gene. We hypothesized that larger deletions arising from a deletion prone region (DPR) occur commonly and are not being routinely detected by the current PCR-mediated screening strategies. We(More)
The initial 950 consecutive laparoscopic cholecystectomies performed in one city at four hospitals by 30 general surgeons are reported, covering a period from April 4, 1990 to April 3, 1991. There were two operative deaths (0.2%), three common bile duct lacerations (0.3%), two subhepatic abscesses, two bowel perforations, and three bile leaks, two requiring(More)
Maximal exercise in normoxia results in oxidative stress due to an increase in free radical production. However, the effect of a single bout of moderate aerobic exercise performed in either relative or absolute normobaric hypoxia on free radical production and lipid peroxidation remains unknown. To examine this, we randomly matched {according to their(More)
Indices of mechanical power output were obtained from twelve subjects during high intensity leg cycle ergometry tests (20 second duration; 75 grams per kilogram total body mass) using two protocols: one with a standard handle-bar grip (with-grip), and one with supinated wrists (without-grip). Peak mechanical power, mean mechanical power, fatigue index and(More)
PURPOSE We examined the association of prostate specific antigen testing with prostate cancer incidence, tumor differentiation and mortality according to socioeconomic status. MATERIALS AND METHODS Participants were 96,484 men between 40 and 99 years old without preexisting prostate cancer who were registered with a general practitioner in the Tayside(More)
Advances in genetics are bringing unprecedented opportunities for understanding health and disease, developing new therapies and changes in healthcare practice. Many nurses and midwives lack competence and confidence in integrating genetics into professional practice. One approach to enhance understanding of genetics is to simulate clinical exposure through(More)
Central fatigue, such as that found in chronic fatigue syndrome, is a state in which cognition and action require increasing effort and performance is impaired without evidence for reduced peripheral motor responsiveness. Previous studies identified functional changes in subcortical regions in patients who experience central fatigue but did not address(More)
The purpose of this study was to measure concentrations of adrenaline (A), noradrenaline (NE), free tryptophan (f-Trp), prolactin (PRL), nonesterified fatty acids (NEFA), and blood lactate following 30 s of high-intensity cycle ergometer exercise. Adrenaline (A) and NE concentrations increased immediately postexercise (P < 0.05) and returned to levels(More)
In a previous study, timing relationships were studied for flaps subjected to secondary ischemia by total pedicle interruption. In the current paper, using a rodent epigastric flap, a similar study for flaps subjected to secondary ischemia by venous obstruction was performed. These conditions were designed to mimic a venous thrombosis following flap(More)