Rhian Jenkins

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Regional and global cerebral atrophy are inevitable features of Alzheimer's disease (AD). We assessed volumes and atrophy rates of brain structures in patients with familial AD during the period that they developed symptoms. Five patients with presymptomatic AD and 20 controls had two or more annual volumetric MRI brain scans. Volumes of brain, ventricles,(More)
The stable isotope-labeled compound 3',3'-dideuteronicotine was used to investigate the disposition kinetics of nicotine in smokers, the systemic absorption of nicotine from cigarette smoke, and the bioavailability of nicotine ingested as oral capsules. Blood levels of labeled nicotine could be measured for 9 hours after a 30-minute intravenous infusion.(More)
The extent to which cerebral atrophy in Alzheimer's disease changes with time is unknown. We used multiple MRI scans to measure progression of cerebral atrophy in 12 patients with Alzheimer's disease who were followed up from a presymptomatic stage through to moderately severe dementia. Analysis with hierarchical regression models with quadratic terms in(More)
Dosing performance of dry powder inhalers is dependent on patient's inspiratory effort. This study compares the inhalation profiles generated by patients with severe obstructive lung disease using Diskus and Turbuhaler inhalers. The patient profiles are subsequently used to determine the dosing performance of fluticasone propionate Diskus and budesonide(More)
BACKGROUND Strabismus surgery for congenital esotropia can be complicated by the development of a postoperative head tilt. PURPOSE To determine the pathophysiology of acquired head tilting following horizontal realignment of the eyes in children with congenital esotropia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of nine children with congenital(More)
The duration of action of sustained-release ibuprofen ('Brufen Retard') was investigated in a 14-day double-blind study involving 14 osteoarthritis and 10 rheumatoid arthritis patients. The recommended once-daily dosage of this preparation (1600 mg taken in the evening) provided effective control of arthritic symptoms for both patient groups, with(More)