Rhett Kempe

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Benzimidazoles and quinoxalines are important N-heteroaromatics with many applications in pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Here, the synthesis of both classes of compounds starting from aromatic diamines and alcohols (benzimidazoles) or diols (quinoxalines) is reported. The reactions proceed through acceptorless dehydrogenative condensation steps.(More)
We present a study on the catalytic activity of platinum nanoparticles immobilized on spherical polyelectrolyte brushes that act as carriers. The spherical polyelectrolyte brushes consist of a solid core of poly(styrene) onto which long chains of poly(2-methylpropenoyloxyethyl) trimethylammonium chloride are grafted. These positively charged chains form a(More)
A simple one-pot synthesis of well-defined PS-silazane nano-composites (polystyrene, PS) is described. In contrast to the, thus far, used two-step procedure ((1) assembly of a PS template bed and (2) careful filling of the voids between the PS spheres), which is restricted to macro structuring, we are able to simply mix the PS template and a commercially(More)
Chemical bonding is at the very heart of chemistry. Although main-group-element E-E' bond orders range up to triple bonds, higher formal bond orders are known between transition metals. Here we review recent developments related to the synthesis of formally quintuply bonded transition metals in coordination compounds, and their theoretical description. The(More)
This tutorial review highlights the methods for the preparation of metal modified precursor derived ceramics (PDCs) and concentrates on the rare non-oxide systems enhanced with late transition metals. In addition to the main synthetic strategies for modified SiC and SiCN ceramics, an overview of the morphologies, structures and compositions of both, ceramic(More)
SiCN fibers with a mean diameter of 50 nm and an aspect ratio of up to 100 are produced in a two-step process by R. Kempe and co-workers. The key step to fabricate the longitudinal and cross-sectional views of the mesofibers shown here is a concerted block-copolymer synthesis, microphase separation, and cross linking at 140 °C followed by pyrolysis at 1100(More)
A molecular approach to metal-containing ceramics and their application as selective heterogeneous oxidation catalysts is presented. The aminopyridinato copper complex [Cu(2)(Ap(TMS))(2)] (Ap(TMS)H=(4-methylpyridin-2-yl)trimethylsilanylamine) reacts with poly(organosilazanes) via aminopyridine elimination, as shown for the commercially available ceramic(More)
The gas-phase loading of [Zn(4)O(btb)(2)](8) (MOF-177; H(3)btb=1,3,5-benzenetribenzoic acid) with the volatile platinum precursor [Me(3)PtCp'] (Cp'=methylcyclopentadienyl) was confirmed by solid state (13)C magic angle spinning (MAS)-NMR spectroscopy. Subsequent reduction of the inclusion compound [Me(3)PtCp'](4)@MOF-177 by hydrogen at 100 bar and 100(More)