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A simple one-pot synthesis of well-defined PS-silazane nano-composites (polystyrene, PS) is described. In contrast to the, thus far, used two-step procedure ((1) assembly of a PS template bed and (2) careful filling of the voids between the PS spheres), which is restricted to macro structuring, we are able to simply mix the PS template and a commercially(More)
Large-scale energy storage and the utilization of biomass as a sustainable carbon source are global challenges of this century. The reversible storage of hydrogen covalently bound in chemical compounds is a particularly promising energy storage technology. For this, compounds that can be sustainably synthesized and that permit high-weight% hydrogen storage(More)
Although metal-metal bonding is important in the chemistry of both solid-state intermetallic compounds and molecular species, the study of this bonding is limited by the compounds available and it is rarely possible to identify connections between these two areas. In this study, molecular intermetalloids [Ln(ReCp(2))(3)] (Ln = Sm, Lu and La) have been(More)
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