Rezwana Sharmeen

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The enhanced frequency based keypad is designed to speed up the typing process. This paper will show that the proposed layout will increase the typing speed and be flexible for thumb. Traditional cell phone keypad is not a scientific keypad from the frequency point of view. Approaches have been explored to speed up the typing process. We found that no(More)
Nowadays cell phone is the most common communicating used by mass people. SMS based communication is a cheap and popular communication method. It is human tendency to have the opportunity to write SMS in their mother language. Text input in mother language is more flexible when the alphabets of that language are printed on the keypad. Bangla mobile keypad(More)
Segmentation display plays a vital role to display numerals. But in today’s world matrix display is also used in displaying numerals. Because numerals has lots of curve edges which is better supported by matrix display. But as matrix display is costly and complex to implement and also needs more memory, segment display is generally used to display numerals.(More)
For storing a word or the whole text segment, we need a huge storage space. Typically a character requires 1 Byte for storing it in memory. Compression of the memory is very important for data management. In case of memory requirement compression for text data, loseless memory compression is needed. We are suggesting a lossless memory requirement(More)
Segmented display is widely used for efficient display of alphanumeric characters. English numerals are displayed by 7 segment and 16 segment display. The segment size is uniform in this two display architecture. Display architecture using 8, 10, 11, 18 segments have been proposed for Bengali numerals 0...9 yet no display architecture is designed using(More)
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