Rezvaneh Rezapour

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One problem that both philanthropic foundations and scientific organizations have recently started to tackle more seriously is assessing the societal impact of the work they are funding by going beyond traditional methods and metrics. In collaboration with makers and funders of social justice information products, we have been leveraging social computing(More)
We present novel research at the intersection of review mining and impact assessment of issue-focused information products, namely documentary films. We develop and evaluate a theoretically grounded classification schema, related codebook, corpus annotation, and prediction model for detecting multiple types of impact that documentaries can have on(More)
The popularity and availability of Twitter as a service and a data source have fueled the interest in sentiment analysis. Previous research has shed light on the challenges that contextualizing effects and linguistic complexities pose for the accurate sentiment classification of tweets. We test the effect of adding manually-annotated, corpus-based hashtags(More)
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