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In order to evaluate the status of zinc and copper in pregnant women and in preeclampsia, we conducted a prospective case-control study. It involved 56 pregnant women compared with 30 non-pregnant women selected as controls. For pregnant women, serum levels of zinc, copper and ceruloplasmin were determined quarterly. These same measurements were performed(More)
The acute fatty liver of pregnancy is a specific disease of pregnancy. Its incidence is rare but prognosis is poor in complicated entities, and can compromise the foetal and maternal life. An early diagnosis of the illness and a multidisciplinary management based on uterine evacuation and an intensive medical care can improve the prognosis of the acute(More)
Forty-three prenatal diagnoses of lethal urinary tract abnormalities were carried out during a five-year-period. The abnormalities were bilateral renal agenesis (56%), autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (16%), autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (14%), MECKEL-GRUBER syndrome and Prune-Belly syndrome (4%). The pregnancy was interrupted in(More)
The cornual pregnancy is a rare entity that represents almost 2% of ectopic pregnancies. Its diagnosis is almost based on ultrasound, laparoscopy and sometimes intraoperative discovery. The risk of rupture with severe bleeding remains high. Laparoscopic surgery is currently the preferred treatment for ectopic pregnancy. Interstitial tubal pregnancy is a(More)
So, the epidemiologic study done for 8 years at CMNR Tunis has shown that the incidence is 1.15@1000 births (between 0.52 and 1.66@1000 per year). This anomaly is more frequent in female sex (sex linked = 0.59). The antenatal echographic diagnosis is efficient in 90.5%. This anomaly is more shown at low socio-economic group. The improvement of the(More)
Encephalocel is leff frequent than spina bifida and anencephalia. Its incidence is 0.25@1000 births. It concern as much female than male. This neural defect is frequency associated to others malformations face (20%) squelette (17%), kidney (13%). In our study the ultra sound is performant in 82% of the cases. Encephalocel is still a lethal and severe(More)
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