Rezaul Karim

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The purpose of this work was to compare the efficacy and time to analgesia of a new tramadol/acetaminophen combination tablet to those of tramadol or acetaminophen (APAP) alone. A meta-analysis was performed of 3 separate single-dose, double-blind, parallel-group trials in patients with moderate or severe pain following extraction of 2 or more third molars.(More)
We assess the effect of maternal iron deficiency anemia (MIDA) on cord blood iron status, placental weight and fetal outcome [birth weight, APGAR (appearance, pulse, Grimace, activity, and respiration) scores and birth asphyxia]. We conducted a cross sectional analytic study on fifty hospitalized pregnant women and their neonates over a year in a teaching(More)
Diabetes mellitus is being increasingly recognized as a serious global health problem and is frequently associated with co-morbid depression. A cross sectional study was conducted among 178 adult type 2 diabetes mellitus patients attending Institute of Research and Rehabilitation in Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (BIRDEM), Dhaka, Bangladesh to(More)
Isthmic spondylolisthesis (IS) is the most common spondylolytic disorders and one of the most common causes of low back pain and sciatica in adolescents and adults. Although the initial management is conservative, surgery is often the ultimate solution. Interbody fusion has been found superior and replaced the gold standard postero-lateral fusion.(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated patients with contemporarily staged and treated stage III-N2 NSCLC treated with induction chemotherapy and surgery with or without postoperative radiotherapy (PORT). We focused on survival and toxicity and investigated what additional PORT may offer in patients with ypN2 status or incomplete resection. METHODS We identified(More)
Despite continued discussion regarding the treatment of displaced femoral neck fractures, controversies continue regarding their optimal treatment, including the choice of implant and fixation method. Hemiarthroplasty is one of the option which eliminate concerns about fixation failure, nonunion, and avascular necrosis and has become the choice of surgery(More)
Carcinoid tumors are well differentiated neuroendochrine tumors which most frequently involve the gastrointestinal tract; however duodenal carcinoid tumors are rare. They can present with various clinical symptoms and are difficult to diagnose. A 52 years old lady presented with the symptoms of recurrent upper abdominal pain, burning sensation of whole body(More)
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