Rezaul Karim

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Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women and the second one in the world trailing behind lung cancer. In this paper, we present a diagnostic algorithm that uses multiple features of ultra-sonography for identifying breast nodule malignancy to provide better chance of a proper treatment. An artificial neural network has been put into(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic arsenic exposure has been shown to cause liver damage. However, serum hepatic enzyme activity as recognized on liver function tests (LFTs) showing a dose-response relationship with arsenic exposure has not yet been clearly documented. The aim of our study was to investigate the dose-response relationship between arsenic exposure and major(More)
Cascades of classifiers constitute an important architecture for fast object detection. While boosting of simple (weak) classifiers provides an established framework, the design of similar architectures with more powerful (strong) classifiers has become the subject of current research. In this paper, we focus on greedy strategies recently proposed in the(More)
Breast cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in American women, is the disease women fear most all over the world[l|. In this paper, we present an efficient technique that uses multiple features of ultra-sonography and a diagnostic algorithm for identifying breast nodule malignancy to provide better chance of a proper treatment. An artificial(More)
The number of entries in a structural database of proteins is increasing day by day. Methods for retrieving protein tertiary structures from such a large database have turn out to be the key to comparative analysis of structures that plays an important role to understand proteins and their functions. In this paper, we present fast and accurate methods for(More)
Technology making rapid progress & is making many things easier. As the innovative thinking of persons is increasing day-by-day new methods for wireless networking have been evolved of which our present topic WiFi is the most accepted technology. WiFi (Wireless-Fidelity), which is the wireless way to handle networking. This paper introduces WiFi technology(More)
—Protein tertiary structure defines its functions, classification and binding sites. Similar structural characteristics between two proteins often lead to the similar characteristics thereof. Determining structural similarity accurately in real time is a crucial research issue. In this paper, we present a novel and effective scoring scheme that is dependent(More)
A Social Network is a social structure made of individuals or organizations that are linked by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friends, kinship, terrorist relation, conflict, financial exchange, disease transmission (epidemiology), airline routes etc. Social Network Analysis is an approach to the study of human or organization social(More)
Speckle is a type of multiplicative noise degrading visual quality in imaging using ultrasonography(USG) resulting in difficulty of assessment by experts. Thus speckle reduction algorithms are required for enhancing image quality of USG and assisting in their visual assessment. The objective of this work is to define an efficient technique for median filter(More)