Rezaul Azim

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A compact printed planar ultra-wideband antenna with dual band-notched is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of a rectangular radiating patch and a modified partial ground plane. Two rectangular parasitic strips are placed below the substrate to achieve dual band-notched characteristics. The measured results show that the proposed antenna achieved a(More)
A printed circular ring antenna for UWB application is proposed in this paper. The antenna structure is composed of a circular ring patch and a partial ground plane. The proposed antenna has a total size of 39 &#x00D7; 40 mm<sup>2</sup>. The measurement shows that the antenna has an impedance bandwidth (VSWR&#x2264; 2) of 9.54 GHz (2.54 to 12.08 GHz). A(More)
A printed planar antenna having a compact dimension of 27 × 23.5 mm2, fed by a microstrip line is proposed in this article. The proposed compact antenna consists of a circular disc radiator and partial ground plane with a rectangular slot on its’ top edge. Experimental results show that the antenna has an −10 dB impedance bandwidth ranges from 3.3 GHz to 20(More)
In this paper, a novel circular-hexagonal Fractal antenna is investigated for super wide band applications. The proposed antenna is made of iterations of a hexagonal slot inside a circular metallic patch with a transmission line. A partial ground plane and asymmetrical patch toward the substrate are used for designing the antenna to achieve a super wide(More)
A compact rectangular printed antenna with dual band-notches is proposed for ultra-wideband (UWB) applications. The dual band-notch characteristics have been realized by etching one C-shaped parasitic element and rectangular split ring resonator above the ground plane. The proposed antenna can achieves a wide bandwidth from 2.9-11 GHz with the dual notched(More)
A small antenna with single notch band at 3.5 GHz is designed for ultrawideband (UWB) communication applications. The fabricated antenna comprises a radiating monopole element and a perfectly conducting ground plane with a wide slot. To achieve a notch band at 3.5 GHz, a parasitic element has been inserted in the same plane of the substrate along with the(More)
With the beginning of the new information era, necessity of wideband wireless communica‐ tions technology is increasing rapidly due to the need to support more users and to provide information with higher data transmitting rates. Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology could be the most suitable technologies that promise to revolutionize high data rate transmission(More)