Rezarta Islamaj Doğan

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BACKGROUND One approach for speeding-up protein structure comparison is the projection approach, where a protein structure is mapped to a high-dimensional vector and structural similarity is approximated by distance between the corresponding vectors. Structural footprinting methods are projection methods that employ the same general technique to produce the(More)
This paper describes the technical contribution of the supporting resources provided for the BioNLP Shared Task 2013. Following the tradition of the previous two BioNLP Shared Task events, the task organisers and several external groups sought to make system development easier for the task participants by providing automatically generated analyses using a(More)
A great deal of information on the molecular genetics and biochemistry of model organisms has been reported in the scientific literature. However, this data is typically described in free text form and is not readily amenable to computational analyses. To this end, the BioGRID database systematically curates the biomedical literature for genetic and protein(More)
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